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quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2005

When I saw the Pope

Um dia tive a ideia de fazer o blog em ingles porque precisava praticar mais para a prova escrita do CAE. Nao foi muito adiante porque se jah sou preguicosa para escrever aqui em portugues, imagina em ingles... Mas ateh que nao me sai mal nao. Me fez recordar minha ultima vez em Roma... Taih, se quiser conferir:

Last week I've been to Rome, for the beatification of Giacomo Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family, my employers and my strengh in this crazy London life. It was a delight to see how I can sort out things in so many languages and I am quite proud of it, must confess. At lunch time, on the table, I needed to make myself understood in 4 diferent languages: English, Italian, French and bits of Spanish. The only one I haven't spoke was my own: Portuguese... But, being in Rome, who cares? I was happy just for being there and being able to help people around comunicate between them.

Walking on those streets, sorving that air, delighted with the landscape. Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, Basilica de San Pietro, and, mainly, Sao Paolo Fuora le Mure. A capuccino, gorgeous pasta and men, wine and lots of prayers and enchantment... Ah! And there is Michelangelo. Absolutely magnific, perfect, enormous. Certainly he wasn't a human being, but something like God's hands in a man's body. One can hardly believe that the marble he touched wasn't really a piece of cloth until he finished his works. There is only one word that came across to my mind to describe my sensations about his work: pleasure. Definitely orgasmic...

Walking around and on History & beautiful archtecture, what else should I want? Life is just perfect, anywhere. Simply learn how to smile...

Night night.

Late note on Apr 2008 - Who could belive that that would be the same Italy where I was going to live a year later?

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Allan Robert P. J. disse...

Gostei do que li. Só uma perguntinha: Porque toda essa preguiça de escrever?


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